Tuesday, May 15, 2018

We've moved!


I decided to move the blog due to life changes and also Photobucket deleting all the photos. Come check it out! See what's new! There's quite an update!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

It sure has been a while

Fen, my betta fish
Wow, I'm sorry that it's been so long since I posted anything. I've been busy and well, didn't really have much motivation to post anything.

So let's catch everyone up on how life's been going. Cherry and Woody are both doing well. The guppy I had died and I gave up on the 29 gallon tank. I currently have my 10 gallon set up with a betta and 2 otos.

Fen's been with us since October and has been doing great so far! He had full rein of the 29 gallon for a while, but I decided to move him to the 10 gallon. I did have a crayfish for a few months in the 10 gallon before Fen and switched their tanks, but the crayfish died shortly after moving to the 29 gallon.
Right now I'm content with having just a 10 gallon set up. I would love to have more tanks, but I'm going to be going away to school next semester and I can only take a 10 gallon tank with me (hopefully!). 

Cherry's been her normal crazy self. She's been pretty mad with me lately because she had to go on a diet. I think she's finally coming around to the idea. 

Woody's been the same too. He's getting a bit better with people and actually took right to my boyfriend. It's huge that he's actually letting a guy pet him now. 

So that's pretty much all I have to say about life right now. I'll try to keep this blog updated again, but no guarantees. 

Now for some pictures!

This is generally how she sleeps
Cuddling with me while we watch Netflix
She does have a bed...

The only way she'll drink water now
A glimpse of a typical breakfast for me:

Clowns to the left of me...
...Jokers to the right 
This is his nest

And some bonus pictures of my boyfriend's great dane

He was too heavy for me to lift any higher

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Today marks the 4 year anniversary of Casie's death. I'm currently on vacation so I can't really make a huge memorial post for her, so I figured I would just make this one. 

Casie, I miss you so much. You were my best friend. I love you. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Wrapping Presents

If you have a pet, you know how impossible it is to wrap presents with them around. Cherry and Woody are no exception to this. Today, I set out to wrap presents for my cousins' kids. Woody, like always, was glued to my side, but I easily got him out of the way by having him sit off to the side. And within minutes of rolling out the wrapping paper, Cherry was lying on top of it. She was not happy to be moved from that. She spent the rest of the time messing with paper scraps and the ribbons.

So for presents, we got a few Fur Real Friends. I loved them as a kid, so we figured they would like them too. One of them was a kitten that paws at you. I made the mistake of pressing the "Try Me!" button and that set off hours of 'MEOW MEOW PURRR PURRR BRRRROW'. It's bad enough when it's a real cat doing that to you, but this thing would not shut up. Eventually, I found the off switch, but before that Woody spent his time investigating. "What is this thing?" You could almost hear him thinking. Cherry was equally freaked out. It was pretty comical.

For most of the wrapping, the toy was in the box and Woody kept going over and moving the flaps so it would start meowing again. We had to run some errands and when we came back, I let him out of the car and he burst through the front door and straight to the box to turn the toy back on.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fish Tank Updates

The fish tanks have been doing well the past few weeks.The 10 gallon also seems to have cycled. It's been months since I started it and I'm so glad it's finally safe for the fish. The 29 gallon is still working on cycling. Last I checked (Wednesday), the ammonia was high, nitrites 0, and nitrates high.

So for right now the tank occupants are:
10 gallon:
-1 male guppy
-1 otocinclus
-3-4 baby pond snails

I finally found a new home for Houdini the mystery snail and now I'm able to use my tap water in the 10 gallon again! So much easier than lugging around 5 gallon jugs of water.I'm not exactly sure what happened to all of the baby snails. I've only found one dead  body and that's from one that I accidentally dropped while transferring them and didn't notice until I found the dried out shell. :(

The plants in the 29 gallon are doing well. The plants I got from Petco are really taking off with the proper care. My plan is to keep all the leafy plants in the 29 gallon and eventually move all the stem plants into the 10 gallon.

Now for some pictures! I only have good pictures of the 29 gallon tank. I'll have to get some new pictures of the 10 gallon when I get home.

Puff the dragon, our newest addition to the tank.

Moonlight setting
Puff is supposed to have an air stone in his mouth and I did have it going for a while until I cut the tubing on the tank hood. Next time I clean the tank up, I'll be replacing that. Right now I don't want to deal with replanting the stem plants. They are a huge pain.

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Trip to Petsmart

Woody is really not a friendly dog. He's really nervous around strangers, especially when they're in our house. But recently he has improved a lot. We've had a lot of people in and out of the house for the past few months and I think he's just gotten more used to it (and Cherry has too and has now started to investigate people who come to do work on the house).

So yesterday, I had to run down to the mall to pick up a blanket I ordered from JCPenney (the blanket is awesome, but ordering online from them is a huge pain in the ass). I decided to stop over at Petsmart to get some stuff for Cherry. Woody normally goes with me in the car if I'm running in to a store quickly and it's not hot out. I figured since we were heading to Petsmart an hour after it opened on a week day, I could try bringing Woody in if it wasn't crowded. He did well at the vet's office, so I figured he'd be fine in the store as long as we avoided the majority of the people.

He did amazing in the store. I had him on a short leash and he pulled quite a bit, but I expected that. New place, new smells. He's never been in a store before. He actually behaved way better than I expected though. He really was only interested in sniffing the treat bags and people. He even went up to people on his own and let them pet him. I was so surprised. Of course, I was watching him very carefully and was ready to pull him away if I had to.

I'm so proud of him. I bought him a cute toy for being a good boy. I'll have to get some pictures of him when I get home. We're currently in Maine for the weekend and couldn't bring Woody.